Monday, August 10, 2009

Aug 16th- Tomato Rhapsody! Italian Potluck, book reading and music!

RocknRoll Community Garden next Sunday Garden Party....! Hope to see you there!

Sunday August 16th - @ The Secret Garden of Schell

Italian Dinner Garden Potluck and reading w/ Adam Schell - yogi and Author of Tomato Rhapsody

Live Music by Seeing Thingz

Begins promptly at 5pm - til 7pm

539 N. Alta Vista Blvd., LA, 90036

Italian Dinner Garden Potluck!
Please bring a delicious, tomatoe-y dishes!

Need recipe ideas? Check Adam's site!:

This is a private location.

$5 - Suggested Donation

Garden lovelies! We are currently seeking volunteers to help out with future parties and projects! Please contact us if you feel you can join the team! : resistanceisfertilela@gmail.

Sustainable lovers! Please bring drinking glasses to donate to RocknRoll Community Garden parties! Let's keep it green, darlings!

RocknRoll Community Garden is currently working with a number of properties and seeking new properties to create a Communal Urban Rooftop Farming Community in Echo Park and Silver Lake. RnR CG provides weekly seasonal series of live music and lectures, integrating education, activism and community with beauty and art.

- Love & Sustainable Living,
RocknRoll Community Garden

Tomato Rhapsody
A Fable of Love, Lust & Forbidden Fruit
by Adam Schell

From Publishers Weekly
From the very beginning of Schell's debut novel, a would-be Shakespearean fable set in a 16th-century Tuscan village, food lust takes center stage. While cruel-hearted olive tycoon Giuseppe and his underling, Benito, forage for truffles, the Jewish farmer Davido worships the tomato plants on his farm: the plant's fragrance... transcended his olfactory organs to purify his heart and cleanse his mind. When the new priest allows Davido's love apples into town for the first time, life starts to get complicated. For one, the stepdaughter of our villain, Giuseppe, falls for the already betrothed Davido—an outcast besides, due to his station and religion. Bawdy hijinks coded in ribald Italian reach a climax at the village's Feast of the Drunken Saint donkey race, a jarring spin on Shakespeare's more tawdry rhymes. Attempts at a similarly Shakespearean cast of characters (the novel opens with an actual cast of characters) instead result in a silly collection of one-dimensional characters who keep the tale moving until the fate of our star-crossed lovers, and of tomato sauce, are predictably resolved. (June)
Copyright © Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

“[A] delectable debut.... Schell displays the finesse of a master chef as he spices up the story with a delicious array of humorous subplots.”—Booklist

Seeing Thingz

Don't miss the beautiful freaks. Music that fills your mind with a world of circuses, street corners far and near and eerie beauty, sensual reminisces of times and places you've only dreamed of. Let Seeing Thingz carry you away with their sinuous dynamics and grooves that simmer: Gwendoline sings the imagery, sketching outlines with a haunting, ethereal voice. Daniel Day blends complimentary colors with her and fleshes out the compositions, texturing the songs with gripping vocal counterpoint. Doug Townsley twirls beautiful touches and accents on the guitar and earth colors on the bass while David Rodgers roots the foundation and sends ripples and grooves across the room. "Love Making Music" Xanthia Pink "Quirky soundwaves rumbling through exotic locations" The Seething Times "Hey, where the hell are you from, are you gypsies?" Passing Vagrant Courier. "When I closed my eyes I thought I was in Europe, then I smelled I was in Venice Beach" Local Wag Rag. Transporting places to far away people since 2007.

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  1. Hey good people! Be green! Bring drinking glasses, plate(s) and cutlery to the event to use and/or share! Thanks! :)