Thursday, May 21, 2009

Get a head start w/ RnRCG - Volunteer This Sunday!

Looking for a few volunteers for this Sundays Secret Garden Party!

If any of you are interested, available, or interestingly available, check it yo - before we wreck it ( you shall receive yummy vittles and vino ;) and good karma! )

(rocknroll community garden is a not for profit community collective which runs through a membership program)

We need:
- One person to assist our gorgeous gypsy caterer.
- One person to help out at the garden doors
- One person to assist our sexy ass bartender
- One person to help us keep things sparkling during the event
- One person to help us make things even prettier on saturday (day before event)
- Any people who can donate a couple of chairs or tables for the evening

let us know

love and tomatoes,
danielle and alissa

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